What do you do?

“What do you do?” 

Likely the most dreaded question for any stay at home parent. What people are really asking is, “What do you do for money?” For this I have no answer.

Currently I don’t make money, my job is to save money. Finding the cheapest, most efficient ways for everything. Am I amazing at this? Hardly. Am I a couponer? Not so much. Most of the time though we do okay.

Have I wanted to go back to work? Sure. My husband and I both agree that me being here with the kids top priority. I believe that YOU are the best qualified person to care for your children during the early years. This time is irreplaceable.

For the last three years we have homeschooled. This year my oldest is giving public school a shot, his choice. My youngest is in a place somewhere between preschool and kindergarten.

We “do school” together. Working on learning to read and beginning math. What she is most interested in now though is what I do with my time. She wants to sit and watch my words appear on the screen when I write. She wants to sit on the counter while I cook and do dishes. She wants to learn how to be a big girl. This is where things start getting tricky.

So what is it that you do? I lead by example…and I pray a lot.



Quick! Mom can’t yell at us!

This morning I woke up missing one of my most essential tools in my Mom-mory, my voice.

I am assuming, praying and even pleading that this is a response to allergies…

Ohhh better yet maybe I have developed a sleeping walking habit that includes frequenting rock shows in the wee hours.

Heck I could of swallowed a cat while I slept, who knows?!

It appears that I should be “resting” and drinking all the fluids. 

Fluids: check

Rest: Do wut now??

According to a most reliable internet source of medicinary I should be sitting and not talking.

Ironically sitting and not talking when you have two young children and over 9000 animals takes more work than maintaining routine.

So with that said it seems my best course of action is to maintain routine + extra liquids – yelling at dog.

Blargh, I want my mommy.