What are you afraid of?

My assigned topic today is “the thing(s) you’re most afraid of”. You’ll be surprised to find that is isn’t big, hairy spiders.

Boogie man much?

I’ll admit this is pretty creepy

Or even the boogie man… although, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a light on?? kthx.

Boogie man would be simple. Poltergeist? No worries. These are the real deal:

   1.  Being unable to meet the basic needs of my family. 

This scares the bejebus out of me. Not having a roof over my head or food to feed my babies would most certainly put me in mama bear kill mode. The health and welfare of the wee ones ALWAYS comes first. Those little rug rats are my everything.

     2.  Alzheimer’s

Just typing the word makes me uneasy. My Father and Grand-Father from my Mother’s side both were victims. According to Webmd ” it is most likely due to a combination of a variety of genetic and other factors.”  Genetic huh? So it’s kinda like playing the lottery? The one I have never won? Great.

If your brain slowly deteriorating isn’t frightening enough let’s take a gander at this info graphic from Top Alzheimer’s Care:


Is there anything worse than losing yourself? I suppose having moments of clarity and realizing what your family is going through. That would certainly be worse.

I can only pray that my children’s children’s generation won’t have to watch their grandparents wither away, not remembering who they are.

Thankfully there are organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association whose mission is to advance Alzheimer’s research worldwide.

With all of that said I think I need to go snuggle a kitten or watch Care bears.

Baring your soul in a blog isn’t always the easiest of things. Do me a favor and make me feel a little better. Write me a comment and tell me what scares you.