Selling yourself in 10 words or less

Oh the grand art of brevity! If you have ever read any of my writing or spoken to me to any extent you will know this isn’t one of my strong skill sets.

Today’s assignment is to “sell myself in 10 words or less”.  

It is really more of a mission statement than a description. Ten words isn’t a lot of wiggle room.

” Realizes each moment is a piece of the big puzzle.”

This is what I strive to remember each moment of every day. That statement describes how I live my life and therefore certainly fits “selling yourself in 10 words or less”. Notice that I am attempting to justify my choice here? 

Here is a perfect visual representation:

puzzle of life

How would you sell yourself in 10 words or less? 


One piece of advice



What one piece of advice would you give to others? Anything? ANYTHING at all. choose your own adventure

Mine would be to make your own decisions. Seems like simple logical advice. If it is why do so many people (myself included) have such a hard time doing it?

It seems easier at first to hand over the reigns to another person. Having someone to blame seems like a pretty good set up. “Wasn’t me, they told me it was a good idea.” That excuse ever work for you when you were growing up? Yeah, me neither.

Our most important life lessons stem from our greatest failures. Doesn’t that mean if we are letting others make our decisions then we’re setting ourselves up to be stagnant? Gross.

I know I have been guilty of this.

You are the subject matter expert of your own life. Take the lead.


Excuse me, does this make you uncomfortable??

Today I am to write about things that make me uncomfortable. While planning I came up with quite the list: messes, sharing feelings, crowds, boogers, creepy old men and change.  


Call me boring but I like routines, schedules. Change is needed to bring about growth… growth is kinda sorta the purpose of this whole life thing.

Somewhere within this jumbled mess of a brain I have it that change is opportunity for hurt, pain, negativity. Anytime I choose to get out of bed there is an opportunity for all of those things. What I seem to forget to realize is that there is also opportunity for increases happiness, success, and adventure.

Rolling this around in my head it seems the only real logical fear should be of life remaining stagnant.


adjective \ˈstag-nənt\

1: not flowing in a current or stream <stagnant water>
2: not advancing or developing <a stagnant economy>
— stag·nan·cy  noun
— stag·nant·ly adverb
Never changing, always the same. Sounds like a personal hell to me.
It’s funny how the act of reading your words on paper can help you discover their meaning.
What makes you uncomfortable?