What do you do?

“What do you do?” 

Likely the most dreaded question for any stay at home parent. What people are really asking is, “What do you do for money?” For this I have no answer.

Currently I don’t make money, my job is to save money. Finding the cheapest, most efficient ways for everything. Am I amazing at this? Hardly. Am I a couponer? Not so much. Most of the time though we do okay.

Have I wanted to go back to work? Sure. My husband and I both agree that me being here with the kids top priority. I believe that YOU are the best qualified person to care for your children during the early years. This time is irreplaceable.

For the last three years we have homeschooled. This year my oldest is giving public school a shot, his choice. My youngest is in a place somewhere between preschool and kindergarten.

We “do school” together. Working on learning to read and beginning math. What she is most interested in now though is what I do with my time. She wants to sit and watch my words appear on the screen when I write. She wants to sit on the counter while I cook and do dishes. She wants to learn how to be a big girl. This is where things start getting tricky.

So what is it that you do? I lead by example…and I pray a lot.



Bears in the Woods

I have it under good authority that you should watch out for bears in the woods.


Thanks Cakes! For being four and a half you really have things figured out.

She would like to add that camping with your parents is the way to go.

I am going to miss warm afternoons in the yard.

‘Twas The Night Before School

Tomorrow is our first ‘official’ day of school. Granted I am spending a majority of the morning in orientation at the Parent Partnership. Our afternoon is filled full of fun back to school activities. We have a “favorites of 2nd grade” survey planned as well as a “favorite of preschool” for our younger student. Heck, I may even make some sort of nummy dessert and call it a back to school party.

This year is a going to be quite a bit different from last year in a large variety of ways.  The boy has been very clear that he wants his ‘school time’ to be like public school. What this means to me is no more wearing pj’s to class. No more sleeping in because you were up to who knows when reading an encyclopedia. No more The Universe marathons on days where we’re ahead and book work isn’t sounding really excited.  It does also mean more organization, less disruptions, and more order… I think.

Am I actually going to hold him to this? Maybe very briefly to prove a point. I personally love teaching Math in a pair of sweat pants with a cup of coffee in hand. It’s actually kind of one of the reasons Math is the first subject of the day. I love finding a topic he is passionate about and running with it.

We did an entire unit study last year on the Solar System and we had a blast!

I am continually reminding myself every day that this is HIS education and he gets to call the shots (within reason of course). There is nothing harmful about waking up and coming to school fully dressed with a backpack on your back. It’s just not really my vision of homeschooling but hey, I’m just the facilitator.

The one thing that took me for a loop this year was that he wanted a written schedule to follow. I always have my own lesson plan style schedule thingy that we follow loosely. He wanted an half hour by half hour breakdown of his school day. My son had just given me my first homework assignment of the year. This is totally backward right? That’s what I said!

Alas I threw on my sweat pants and with cup of coffee in hand I came up with a pretty awesome schedule if I do say so myself.  I gave very rough estimates of time and added in his parent partnership and Co-op classes. I also blocked time off for free play as I feel it is just as important during the school day as sitting down with a text book. Logan’s schedule complete I put it up on the fridge and invited him to look at it. He was ecstatic! Who would of thought such a thing would make a kid so incredibly happy.

Now if you clicked on the link and were like WOW! This girl knows how to make a schedule look great!! I apologize for the brief deception. I found this fabulous layout on this most amazing site.  All the credit goes to Ms. Cari Osborne! I was overjoyed that it was FREE!  Yay Free!!

How do you handle your child’s requests for such things? What weird things have your kids asked you for this year or past? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Happy learning!

What time is it?!

Adventure TIME!

Today’s adventure is one of our favorite close to home destinations:  Howarth Park.

  Definitely some where I recommend going during low tide.  High tide can get a wee bit cramped.

It was time to relax and unwind. Time for momma to try out her new audiable app.  (why didn’t I understand the rad that is auto books sooner?!)

Good times were had by all.

State of the Empire

August was an interesting month.

We started out with attending a rad birthday party and taking home a goodie bag of pink eye and some crazy doom virus.

We spent time tip-toeing around the house as to not wake the current super sick crabby family member.

By the end of the month we were all kinda climbing the walls and trying not to punch each other in the face. Well except for Lilly… I’m pretty sure she punched someone at some point.

Half way through the month the boy decided he wanted to attend the Parent Partnership he attended in Kindergarten.

Hey! Wait just a minute! I had finished our educational plan all super amazingly early this year. Making this change would mean changing curriculum, reorganizing our ‘schedule’ and writing a brand new student learning plan.

Following his lead with this one is precisely what our homeschooling style would lead us to do as with any other educational interest. Why was partial public school, something we had done successfully not two years before, so difficult for me?

Using a parent partnership isn’t my ideal homeschool situation.  I personally would enjoy to curl up, tucked away in the corner of some historic library. Solace within silence.

The boy enjoys interactions. It’s that whole introvert/extrovert thing. He wants to get up and share his thoughts and theories with others. He recharges by being around others. Gathering new ideas and hearing opposing opinions.  I’ll never fully get it, but I’m sure as heck going to support it and watch it flourish.

After a few nights of obsessive planning…checking and rechecking. Swaying between feelings of doubt, fear and total satisfaction I some how found a balance in between and called it complete.

I am looking forward to another glorious year of learning with my children. Exploring their interests, getting my hands dirty and saying , “I don’t know. Let’s find out together.” 

It’s a glorious thing watching your babies turn into intelligent, strongly opinionated people. I just never imagined I’d be seeing such wisdom this early.

What would be your ideal learning environment?

Smores and hamburgers….oh my!

First fire of the year! There is nothing quite like burnt marshmellows smooshed between a couple graham crackers. Mmm..nom nom nom.

I look forward to many more wonderful evenings spent fireside with our fabulous friends.

Although summer never starts here until the 5th of July it is well worth the wait..

What you do to kick off the start of summer? BBQ’s? Camping?

Summer and always will be my favorite season. There’s something nostalgic about spending long evenings in the yard smacking mosquitoes.