My bloggery assignment for today is to share my favorite photo of myself with you.

Thanks to the invent of social media and smart phones I have a zillion and a half to choose from.

Here’s my face.. here’s my face again.. Wee!


Awkward Becks is awkward.

Awkward Becks is awkward.

This is my favoritest (thx spell check I know it’s not a word) pictures of my self in the history of ever. Why? It completely illustrates how ridiculously awkward I am.


This picture was me trying to photographically document the fact that my face was SOFREAKINGNUMB from dental work that I couldn’t even smile right. Apparently I couldn’t keep my eyes open either. Heck yes. I am really THAT awesome.

This picture is rad because it’s real. Sure I can hold my face just right and make a picture look pretty. It’s not me though. That no make up, eyes scrunched up, weird ass head angle, that’s the real me.

I love you weird, scrunched face me. ❤


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