My assignment today is to publicly profess my love and devotion for someone I know in real life or through blogging. 

My life is full of amazing people who I could have easily written about. After much caffeinated contemplation I have decided on my husband.

Let’s take a moment to hope today isn’t the day he has time to start reading this blog. 

We have been married for the last 8 years. The changes and growth I have witnessed during this time are awe inspiring.  If the Husbandface now sat down and had coffee with the Husbandface of past they wouldn’t even recognize each other.

Somethings have remained constant throughout the years. It is obvious to anyone that knows him that he holds family in a high regard. Our son started public school for the first time this year. Husbandface has been going into work at 4am so that he could be available to pick him up from school and still work two hours of overtime. Mind you, I am here totally available. It is his decision so that he can be there for his son. Although our children quite obviously love their father they have no idea how lucky they really are.

Like any partnership there are disagreements. There are times where I would just as soon throw a pillow at him as to talk to him. He always remains patient. I can’t recall even one instance where he has raised his voice in anger, even when I have been FULL crazy yelling like a banshee.  (my crazy banshee days are over btw kthx)

He is my link to sanity. Otherwise I would probably be sitting somewhere in a corner rocking back and forth trying to chew on my elbow. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Thank you Mr. Sir Husbandface of the Empire for all of your hard work and dedication. I think we’ll be keeping you around for a bit.



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