Excuse me, does this make you uncomfortable??

Today I am to write about things that make me uncomfortable. While planning I came up with quite the list: messes, sharing feelings, crowds, boogers, creepy old men and change.  


Call me boring but I like routines, schedules. Change is needed to bring about growth… growth is kinda sorta the purpose of this whole life thing.

Somewhere within this jumbled mess of a brain I have it that change is opportunity for hurt, pain, negativity. Anytime I choose to get out of bed there is an opportunity for all of those things. What I seem to forget to realize is that there is also opportunity for increases happiness, success, and adventure.

Rolling this around in my head it seems the only real logical fear should be of life remaining stagnant.


adjective \ˈstag-nənt\

1: not flowing in a current or stream <stagnant water>
2: not advancing or developing <a stagnant economy>
— stag·nan·cy  noun
— stag·nant·ly adverb
Never changing, always the same. Sounds like a personal hell to me.
It’s funny how the act of reading your words on paper can help you discover their meaning.
What makes you uncomfortable?

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