Oh well hello Fall…

The weather in the great Pacific Northwest has been unseasonably warm; as a result sitting at my computer blogging hasn’t been at the top of my priority list. Today however, it is starting to smellfeellooklike Fall. I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Anyone know what this is? ..and no I didn’t touch it.

Wait, no I take that back. We’re all sick with the whatever the heck it is that’s going around right now.  I would much rather be taking a leisurely paced  jaunt, breathing in the crisp Fall evening air.. in complete silence.

Silence is certainly not an option right now. Crabby is the theme these people are going with today. Whinny, bitter, snappy, snot-covered.. these are words that describe my sweetlittle family currently.

Cheese & Whine

However even though these people are less than fun to hang out with RIGHT NOW they are usually pretty darn rad. I have pictures to prove it. Last week we went on a grand adventure to find fall leaves.

Always celebrating her OWN special style. ❤

We were supposed to meet up with The Girl’s homeschool preschool group but we’re SUCH ninjas that we all missed each other. However because of this most amazing group we discovered Al Borlin (wasn’t he a character on Home Improvement.. just sayin’) Park in Monroe. Tons of trails, a big giant river, and gorgeous trees o’plenty. Anytime spent outside is A+ with me; add an educational field trippy aspect to it and I’m in heaven.

The Girl found more than a couple gigantic hat worthy leaves. We found some sort of animal scat that was unidentifiable. *I’ve been watching too much Jeff Corwin, I just said scat*

There was much to explore. Trails leading through the wooded area, trails to the river, even more trails leading to this super creepy looking abandoned tressel from who knows when.

Creepy old abandoned tressel 😀

This is definitely some where I plan on visiting again. It may even be a pack a lunch and explore destination.

Do you know of any other areas we should check out? I am always down for an adventure.


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