‘Twas The Night Before School

Tomorrow is our first ‘official’ day of school. Granted I am spending a majority of the morning in orientation at the Parent Partnership. Our afternoon is filled full of fun back to school activities. We have a “favorites of 2nd grade” survey planned as well as a “favorite of preschool” for our younger student. Heck, I may even make some sort of nummy dessert and call it a back to school party.

This year is a going to be quite a bit different from last year in a large variety of ways.  The boy has been very clear that he wants his ‘school time’ to be like public school. What this means to me is no more wearing pj’s to class. No more sleeping in because you were up to who knows when reading an encyclopedia. No more The Universe marathons on days where we’re ahead and book work isn’t sounding really excited.  It does also mean more organization, less disruptions, and more order… I think.

Am I actually going to hold him to this? Maybe very briefly to prove a point. I personally love teaching Math in a pair of sweat pants with a cup of coffee in hand. It’s actually kind of one of the reasons Math is the first subject of the day. I love finding a topic he is passionate about and running with it.

We did an entire unit study last year on the Solar System and we had a blast!

I am continually reminding myself every day that this is HIS education and he gets to call the shots (within reason of course). There is nothing harmful about waking up and coming to school fully dressed with a backpack on your back. It’s just not really my vision of homeschooling but hey, I’m just the facilitator.

The one thing that took me for a loop this year was that he wanted a written schedule to follow. I always have my own lesson plan style schedule thingy that we follow loosely. He wanted an half hour by half hour breakdown of his school day. My son had just given me my first homework assignment of the year. This is totally backward right? That’s what I said!

Alas I threw on my sweat pants and with cup of coffee in hand I came up with a pretty awesome schedule if I do say so myself.  I gave very rough estimates of time and added in his parent partnership and Co-op classes. I also blocked time off for free play as I feel it is just as important during the school day as sitting down with a text book. Logan’s schedule complete I put it up on the fridge and invited him to look at it. He was ecstatic! Who would of thought such a thing would make a kid so incredibly happy.

Now if you clicked on the link and were like WOW! This girl knows how to make a schedule look great!! I apologize for the brief deception. I found this fabulous layout on this most amazing site.  All the credit goes to Ms. Cari Osborne! I was overjoyed that it was FREE!  Yay Free!!

How do you handle your child’s requests for such things? What weird things have your kids asked you for this year or past? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Happy learning!


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