Hey you!! Could I bother you for an opinion please?

chop wood carry water

This phrase pops into my during times of stress. “Keep moving.” “Don’t over look the small stuff”.

What does it mean to you? What quotes do you keep handy for times where you feel like your head is going to explode?




My bloggery assignment for today is to share my favorite photo of myself with you.

Thanks to the invent of social media and smart phones I have a zillion and a half to choose from.

Here’s my face.. here’s my face again.. Wee!


Awkward Becks is awkward.

Awkward Becks is awkward.

This is my favoritest (thx spell check I know it’s not a word) pictures of my self in the history of ever. Why? It completely illustrates how ridiculously awkward I am.


This picture was me trying to photographically document the fact that my face was SOFREAKINGNUMB from dental work that I couldn’t even smile right. Apparently I couldn’t keep my eyes open either. Heck yes. I am really THAT awesome.

This picture is rad because it’s real. Sure I can hold my face just right and make a picture look pretty. It’s not me though. That no make up, eyes scrunched up, weird ass head angle, that’s the real me.

I love you weird, scrunched face me. ❤

What do you miss?


I am a serious Doctor Who fan. When I think about what I miss I secretly picture the Doctor (10th incarnation plx) sweeping me away and us going slightly back in time to the 80’s-90’s and doing all.the.things.

So you wouldn’t travel through time and space to visit epic moments in history? Maybe eventually.

There are some things I wasn’t quite done with yet. So we’ll start there.

In no particular order:

  • Saturday morning cartoons

eb90ba3b00dc0a567d4ec54c9f9f1284Granted the older I get the more of these are coming back. However the invent of DVR’s and streaming video kind of killed the desire to wake up early on Saturday morning. Right now I can think of no conceivable reason to get out of bed on Saturdays at all.

  • Riding a bike (as a kid in the summer)
If you know who I can credit for this photo plx let me know. It's quite possibly the coolest picture ever.

If you know who I can credit for this photo plx let me know. It’s quite possibly the coolest picture ever.

‘Kay, so before you start on your “Omg what a noob?! Who would ever want a bicycle shaped like a unicorn?! What a frea….!!” I would. I straight up tied jump rope to my bicycle to make it more “horse-like”. I am pretty sure I even named my bicycle horse.

I rode my bike every single danged moment I possibly could when I was a kid. Adults had cars and I had my bike. Wut? Wut?

Why don’t I get a bike now and ride it all.the.time? Well you have a point I totally should. It would still be completely amazing and rad, just not as completely amazing and rad as it was when I was kid. I am not sure I am ready for the brick wall of disappointment just yet.

  • The bliss that accompanies the ignorance and lack of responsibility of youth

stupid kid

Now I know there are some kids that are responsible and make decisions based on their future dreams and aspirations… I was not one of them.  I was balls to the wall convinced I wasn’t going to make it into adulthood. Actually, I don’t think I ever even thought that far ahead.  There was not a single care to be given. I lived life on a day to day basis.

Now, I find myself planning when I should pee for most optimal productivity. Making up for lost time much? Such.

How about you? What do you miss? Spill it.

…the dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland..


simply art!!!

I am envious of this artists amazingly super human hand/eye coordination. Bravo!

…and today I do battle.

As you I am sure you have gathered by now I am awesome.

So awesome in fact that my amazing awesomeness must be counter balanced by a force of evil.

What force of evil is great enough to set the scales steady?

What terrible thing is horrible enough?

Stupid head throbbing. Cognitive ability stealing. Slurry speech inducing.

If it weren’t for these randomly induced episodes of head death I would be unstoppable.


Selling yourself in 10 words or less

Oh the grand art of brevity! If you have ever read any of my writing or spoken to me to any extent you will know this isn’t one of my strong skill sets.

Today’s assignment is to “sell myself in 10 words or less”.  

It is really more of a mission statement than a description. Ten words isn’t a lot of wiggle room.

” Realizes each moment is a piece of the big puzzle.”

This is what I strive to remember each moment of every day. That statement describes how I live my life and therefore certainly fits “selling yourself in 10 words or less”. Notice that I am attempting to justify my choice here?


Here is a perfect visual representation:

puzzle of life

How would you sell yourself in 10 words or less? 

A moment of my day…

Today my assignment is to capture a moment of my day.


This is something that is new this year. I have everyone loaded in the car to take my 3rd grader to school.
Once a upon a time “going to school” consisted of walking down the stairs and sitting at the table. Oh how times have changed.